ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL offers services related to all types of social and economic analyses, including economic, financial, tax, market, marketing and management ones. Our analyses are performed in line with the customer's expectations and for various entities and affluent individuals. The analyses prepared by us are indispensable for financial service employees in companies, company managers, and for external recipients. Making apt decisions by owners and managers representing them, as well as by external recipients, related to the company, depends not only on the availability and quality of data obtained, but also on the ability to analyse and evaluate it. A well-prepared analysis requires professional theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL can boast about.

At present, it is difficult to delineate the analysis area clearly. Business activity can be analysed at different levels, starting from positions in the company, through business units, sectors, branches, departments, industries, national and regional economies, to the global economy. At every level it is possible to carry out an analysis of interest for many scientific disciplines. Generally speaking, the analysis can be divided into macroeconomic and microeconomic one. The microeconomic analysis entails a number of detailed disciplines, e.g. management accounting, financial accounting, controlling and business finance, which are based on the economic analysis and use its study methods. The analysis, perceived as a practical study activity, is primarily (but not solely) ancillary to the company management. Those ancillary functions include e.g. the informative and cognitive function, control and diagnostic function, and the planning function.

Contemporary company management is highly dependent on the information concerning processes taking place inside the company and nearby. Expertise, intuition, and experience of managers must be supported by reliable information received in due time. The decision-making process can be hampered both by the absence of any information and by its excess. Consequently, such companies as ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL, working for their customers' (managers', presidents', affluent individuals') benefit and responsible for information collection and processing, for an appropriate, professional analysis, for drawing conclusions and providing recommendations, are indispensable.

The Customer, as a recipient of ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL deliverables, expects to receive information on the current state of the studied phenomena and processes, their changes and tendencies, processed and presented in an appropriate way (using tables, diagrams, descriptions etc.) to acquire knowledge they can base their decisions on. The analysis may also play an informative and cognitive role for external customers (affluent individuals, offices, banks, stock exchange players, product buyers, suppliers, agents and others). The analysis author is also expected to propose a diagnosis and indicate corrective measures in relation to the studied problems. The analysis results are grounds for verifying decisions made in the past. The planning function of the analysis consists in suggesting an objective strategy and tasks to be performed in the future, indicating prospective opportunities and chances supporting the objective performance, as well as notifying of threats and determining the ways to alleviate them, developing consistent scenarios and economic forecast options for different time horizons and suggesting the choice of the best plan options based on the reasonable management and enterprise objectives. Examples of such analyses include business plans and investment project feasibility studies.

Trust the professionals and ask ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL to analyse the area you are interested in.