Running your own business and managing it, combined with administrating, means an invaluable ability to use competence of other specialists and companies. The increased wealth of a person or the development and growing opulence of a company means higher demand for experts able to support such development in an appropriate and efficient way, with reduced business risk. This is of utmost importance in the field of law and finance, but also for the appropriate positioning perception of a company or an affluent individual.

Cooperating with ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL, a company offering comprehensive accounting, legal and consulting support, will bring you a synergy effect. This results from numerous ties between the area of consulting and analyses, related primarily to the law, taxes, accounting, company finance, audit, copywriting, business intelligence and counter intelligence.

ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL offers analytical and consulting services in every area of the company business activity and also offers comprehensive assistance to the affluent ones. This includes e.g. an ongoing management of operations, development strategy implementation, reasonable management of the non-current and current assets of the company, offering appropriate protection thereof, ensuring increased competitiveness and performance by means of a skilled HR management, and streamlining own costs, as well as optimising the use of its operational capacities, monitoring the correct implementation of orders received, timely performance of obligations created also before the start of our management services, development of annual financial and economic plans as well as preparation of performance reports.

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