ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL offers a comprehensive range of tax and economic consulting services to affluent individuals and companies, including the ones in the process of formation and already operating on the market.

ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL helps to register new companies, offers comprehensive support of the company foundation process, provides assistance in terms of keeping tax records and consulting related to analysis of the economic and financial standing of affluent individuals and companies. The services provided include both legal activities and the preparation of appropriate consulting procedures and business assumptions, as well as the required analyses and surveys of the market the company intends to operate on also in the future. The provided services comprise also consulting related to the selection of an optimum taxation form for the business undertaken by the Customer.

The most important activities carried out by ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL with respect to the tax and economic consulting include e.g. foundation, reorganization and liquidation of enterprises or one-man businesses; participation and advice in negotiations and commercial talks concerning real property trading, sale and purchase transactions, company mergers, but also those aimed at acquiring funds or debt restructuring; registration of companies in different tax systems; preparation and analysis of business and commercial agreements; business plan development; preparation of applications to get subsidies from EU funds, settlement of EU projects; risk assessment for contract execution; financial forecast development; management of an investment process; preparation of reports, assessments, analyses of the economic and financial standing of business entities; economic consulting for foreign investors in relation to starting their business activity in Poland; cost-effectiveness evaluation for the intended investment projects, using innovative statistical and financial tools; credit and financial lease application preparation; development of work, payroll and incentive rules, document workflows; preparation and implementation of commercial company mergers and reorganization, joint ventures, mergers; preparing financial and marketing analyses; preparation of credit and leasing contracts; consulting related to the merger and sale of enterprises or their organized parts; assessment of the return on investment for the business project implementation; creation of organizational structures in the company to optimise costs; offering advice with respect to organizing business activity. This list is not exhaustive and we will surely be able to help even if the Customers' needs are not included above. You are welcome to use our services.

The services of ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL are targeted to maximize the value of our Customers' business.

ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL is a proven partner for you and your company.