ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL helps to prepare professional and cutting-edge concepts related to controlling unit organization, to optimize budgeting and plan performance monitoring process, to prepare a strategy for controlling development and for building a financial business partnership, as well as for structuring managerial information, paying particular attention to professional management reports based on international standards and the rules for visualizing information for the decision-makers. Our solutions in the field of financial planning enable to support those activities in any organization thanks to the flexible modeling of every process type. The essence of solutions created by us is process integration at any organizational level and combination of financial plans with the operational and strategic ones. Currently, the planning processes in a company are becoming more and more complex, entailing a growing number of details, indexes and longer time horizon. It has long been insufficient to use standard tools, e.g. spreadsheets or functionalities of financial and accounting systems in this respect.

The solutions suggested by ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL are based on leading techniques in the field of controlling, implemented in many thousand organizations worldwide, and enable e.g. to shorten planning duration, reduce managers' workload, improve planning precision and eliminate errors.