ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL offers a new approach to the services related to business intelligence and counter intelligence. Business intelligence for private business entities is a certain revolution of the existing perception and use of intelligence and counter intelligence, for ages inseparably connected with the state, ancillary to it, with the function reduced to acquiring secret information related to the military context, politics and economy of other countries. In the mid-20th century, when the economy was leaving the industrial era and entering the information and knowledge one, the redefinition of the existing idea of business intelligence and counter intelligence started and this process has not been completed so far. First of all, information as the major attribute, but also strategic "fuel" of a knowledge economy, has become a product and started to be subject to the same rules as other goods and services, which means primarily the demand and supply rules, pricing rules, as well as any other rules of the economy and market competition. A natural consequence of this fact was a sharp increase in demand for reliable, valuable and readily available information on the competitor or competitive environment which would enable business entities to acquire or maintain competitive advantage.

Business intelligence and counter intelligence is considered a "daughter" of marketing which got independent in the course of evolution, acquiring many methods and techniques of institutional intelligence and marketing sensitivity of "listening to the market" and understanding the economic macro environment. Business intelligence and counter intelligence owe their independence and transformation into an independent management tool undoubtedly to social and economic globalization processes. Converting information into knowledge and intelligence information has become a key management tool especially in cutting-edge, innovative companies setting new development directions.

Many affluent individuals and companies perceive the need, or even the necessity, to face the competitors, but they have not developed an attractive competition strategy so far. There is also a group of affluent individuals and companies sharing a strong trust in the usability of the business intelligence and counter intelligence, but there is no experience or procedures facilitating employment of the business intelligence and counter intelligence activities in the process of formulating and building competitive strategies.

If you wish to join the group of Customers benefiting from the application of business intelligence and counter intelligence, ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL invites you to start cooperation. In this area, individual consultations and highly refined solutions, preceded by an in-depth expectation analysis, are preferred.

We are waiting for you. The contemporary business intelligence and counter intelligence techniques have become a component of obtaining competitive advantage by companies and they are bound to help your company or business achieve the expected position.