ANTOMPIN TOMASZ PINDRAL offers any activities related to the management systems. Management System implementation based on the international, national and industry standards is an important area of our operations. The services offered are addressed to micro- companies, SMEs and large enterprises in virtually any sector, to the local government units, hospitals, public and nonpublic medical centers, as well as to the NGOs.A good management system must include a clear translation of an organization mission, strategy, policy and objectives into the levels of processes, organizational units, down to the workplace, in line with the rule that the objectives should be more specific and described in greater detail for the lower levels as this is where the actual objective accomplishment takes place for the entire company. This leads to an obvious conclusion that the more aptly defined strategy, policy, and goals of the organization translate into the increased efficiency and effectiveness of the management system based on managing the processes carried out in the organization, as the lower-level goals simply result from them. Consequently, any errors when specifying the organization-wide policy and levels mean inferior process levels.

Implementation of the management system based on the recognized standards enables organizations to achieve numerous benefits related to the efficient course of internal processes. To start implementing the Quality Management System, it is necessary to carry out the company strategy analysis, being a prerequisite for determining the future shape of the system and the rules of its functioning. ISO standards do not impose any company operation methods, but only indicate the contents of the Quality Management System. The company itself decides how to translate it into its operating strategies.